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Database Consulting Services India

Consider shopping to fulfill all the database requirements at one place with us. We provide convenience to choose the database consulting services for Oracle, PostgreSQl, MySQL and SQL Server. Ek Software provides convenient shopping experience for all four databases. We are here to help you concentrate on your businesses and stop distressing about the databases. We aim to support the professionals at affordable rate..

Design & Planning:

Are you planning to create a new website or planning to build a data warehouse? Are you looking for competitive advantage? Let’s plan to design and employ the database on your website, construct a warehouse or produce a vigorous platform for your apps…

Troubleshooting & Triage:

Do you experience problems or outages on your databases? Would you really desire to hire a database expert in your team? Let’s stabilize your database environment…

Tuning & Optimization:

Are your databases sluggish? Would you like to find out if they can go faster? Let us assess your database environment and advise on what changes you can make to ensure that your databases are operating at peak performances…

Backup & Recovery Planning:

Are you facing outages in the database environment frequently? How much the outage last? We will help you construct the robust database environment. Guaranteed protection from the downtime and resolution of critical production systems. We are here to minimize the downtime adversities..

Data Warehouse Design:

Apart from having the terabyte data, you still yearn for helpful information? A complete data warehouse would enable you to extort information to survive in the cutting edge..

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